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City of Freedom's Journal
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Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
11:58 am
After the Show...
“Miss DuChant?”

“Yes. But call me Kitten.”

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Friday, March 21st, 2008
9:54 pm
A link
The game we will be playing, of course, is Mutants & Masterminds 2e, from Green Ronin Publishing. They have a great website, regularly updated, with a bunch of freebies and downloads.

One neat feature of their business is that they offer all their products (or nearly all) as downloadable PDFs, for about half the price of the published books.

One you may be interested in can be found here. It's the M&M2e Beginner's Guide, a US$4.00 PDF that explains the basics of the rules and character creation and the like. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in looking into the specifics of the game on the cheap.
Thursday, March 20th, 2008
3:35 pm
An unusual recruit
"McPhail, James J."

"Yes, sir!"
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Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
9:01 pm
With things ramping up...
...I want to encourage you, if you feel like it, to post introductions to your character, their background and so on. oldgrover and theletterem, I'll ask you to hold off on posting an origin story, as I've appropriated those for your pre-game session - the adventure will be the "gain your powers" one, as well as a chance to use the new powers for a bit.

Not a bad idea if people begin to get an idea who the other characters are, what kind of people they're going to be working with, that kind of thing.

I also can't help but think that seeing other people putting things into this will continue helping me to keep getting things done. :)
Monday, March 17th, 2008
4:39 pm
I'll be looking over the poll tomorrow evening, and announcing the times on Wednesday morning - basically, any time I can find where I can get three or more players, I'll probably go for it, unless there's someone I can only manage in a smaller group. I want to give a balance between getting everyone a chance to look over the schedules, and making the decision as quickly as possible to give you time to make the arrangements.

I've poked uniquecrash5, whom I know doesn't often read his LJ. If others could poke anyone with whom they have contact who's in the same spot (I think the rest of us read pretty regularly?), I'd be grateful.

And if you can't fit into what I've already put out there, don't worry. We'll find a way to make it work. I intend to take full advantage of the flexibility of my own schedule, to accomodate the various unusual schedules of the rest of you. :)

Does this mean we could, theoretically, game some Tuesday morning before work? Yah, could be. Could it mean we could, theoretically, play a game starting at 2am, if that's when we happen to be available? I don't see why not.

See why I think we can make this work? :D

Current Mood: busy
2:06 pm
Thoughts while I'm working
I'm running some tests, so I've a few minutes while the machine does its thing.

My current list of characters from people who've shown interest:

jackspryte, Marionette (minions)
oldgrover, Paladin (sword/armour/horse)
theletterem, Lichen (plant control)
zanate, Ratboy (super senses, animal control, MacGyver - will be re-worked slightly, in view of new rules from Gimmick's Gadgets book)
uniquecrash5, Gumshoe (stretchiness)
redsash, Blue Streak (speedster)
joncanuck, Valor (paragon/cosmic energy control)
clawfoot, Warthog (transforming brick/minor speedster)
valkryor, Siren (sound control, emotion control)
quingawaga, name unknown? (bigg branes hurr hurr)
james_nicoll, name unknown (paragon)
psychedelicbike, Fraternité, (emotion control)

That's a fairly nice spread of abilities, very little overlap. Can anyone who'll be wanting a pre-game session (perhaps an 'origin of powers' game, or something like it?) because they're new to RPing or to the game in specific, please say so here?

Also, a poll about meeting times.

Poll #1155671 Meeting times for City of Freedom

Which of the following times would work for an approximately 1.5-2 hour (maximum) meeting?

Friday, March 21, afternoon
Friday, March 21, evening
Saturday, March 22, morning
Saturday, March 22, afternoon
Saturday, March 22, evening
Sunday, March 23, morning
Sunday, March 23, afternoon
Sunday, March 23, evening
Monday, March 24, afternoon
Monday, March 24, evening
Tuesday, March 25, afternoon
Tuesday, March 25, evening
Wednesday, March 26, afternoon
Wednesday, March 26, evening
none of these, try again

Current Mood: creative
Saturday, March 8th, 2008
8:36 am
I know the pre-game meeting is in a week (and the actual first game the week after that), but what time would this be?

I have another appointment and I don't want to end up in some sort of scheduling nightmare.
Friday, February 22nd, 2008
11:42 pm
Blue Streak
Strength 16 +3 (24/+7 with Rapid Attack)
Dexterity 20 +5
Constitution 20 +5
Intelligence 16 +3
Wisdom 14 +2
Charisma 12 +1

Initiative +21
Attack +4 (+10 with Speed powers)
Defense +4 (+10 with Dodge Focus)
Toughness +4 (+10 with Defensive Roll)

Fortitude Save +5
Reflex Save +10
Will Save +5

Leap - Running: 13/130, Standing: 6/65, Vertical: 3/32
Move - 3/10,000 mph or 30/100,000 ft/round

+10 Acrobatics
+10 Notice
+6 Search

Jack of All Trades (Can use any Skill untrained)
Beginner's Luck (Spend 1 Hero Point per for 5 ranks in any skill under r4)
Improvised Tools (Scavenges equipment for skill checks)
Improved Disarm (+6/+3 or or +12/+7 with Rapid Attack, no counter)
Improved Trip (+4/+7 or +10/+11 with Rapid Attack, no counter)
Instant Up (Recover from prone as free action)
Interpose (Trade places with targeted ally as free action, once per round)
Move-By Action (Can move before and after a Standard action)
Uncanny Dodge (Full Dodge Bonus if surprised or flatfooted)
2 Evasion (0 damage from Area Attacks on successful REF save, 1/2 on fail)
6 Dodge Focus (+6 to Defense Bonus from dodge)
6 Defensive Roll (+6 to Toughness or Reflex Saves to avoid area effects)
4 Improved Initiative (+16)

10 Speed (10,000 mph)
10 Power Array: "Super-Speed," Accurate +6
a 10 Quickness (x1000)
a 10 Deflect (slow and fast projectiles)
a 10 Damage: Autofire +1 (Superfast Striking)
a 10 Damage: Aura +1, Penetrating +1, Full Action -1 (Ultrafast Vibration)
a 10 Damage: Ranged +1, Autofire +1, Full Action -1 (Rapid Fire Throwing)
a 10 Dazzle vs. Hearing: Burst 100' radius +1, No Range -1 (Sonic Boom), linked to 5 Blast: Explosion 50' radius +1, No Range -1 (Shockwave)
a 10 Stun (Micro Sonic Boom)
a 10 Snare: No Range -1 (Cocoon), Tether, Reversible, Trigger 2, Split 4, reach 15'
a 10 Healing: Standard Action +1, Self Only -1
a 6 Rapid Attack: Selective Melee Attack within 30' radius +8 Enhanced Strength (extra momentum)
a 2 Invisibility to all Visual (Quicker than the Eye), +6 Leaping (x100), +2 Wall Run (Move at full speed with dodge bonus up walls) +1 Water Run (Move at full speed along liquid surfaces)

Name: Jackie Joyner "JJ" McPhail
Gender: Male Age: 18
Height: 5'9" Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Black Eyes: Green

Description: JJ is a bright, energetic college athlete with the build of a gymnast. His father is Black Irish and his mother is Black African, giving him his distinctive coffee-colored skin, green eyes and straight hair. As Blue Streak, he doesn't wear a costume, but whenever he uses his powers his features are obscured by speed and a bright blue, almost violet glow.

JJ recently manifested his speed powers during a national track meet where he was trying to qualify for the olympics, accidentally tearing up the track in a streak of blue and causing a sonic boom heard for miles. Needless to say, a secret identity was right out.

Equipment: JJ often carries a back pack with a change of clothes, food and toiletries, a pocket knife, parachute cord, and marbles.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
9:08 pm
A feat and a skill for the campaign; also scheduling
High-Falutin' Education


You are the possessor of a number of years of college/university education, in a variety of disciplines.

Benefit: Gain ranks in Intelligence-based skills equal to your Intelligence bonus. Combined with the power Super-Intelligence, gain one rank (per rank in SI) in any skill which can normally be used only by trained characters. No more than a single rank can be gained in any one trained-only skill; each further rank in SI grants a new skill which can be used even though the character has no formal training.


Knowledge and Science

Skill (ranked)

You have studied a number of sciences at a post-graduate level.

Benefit For the first rank in K&S, choose a subskill (Archaeology, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Health Science, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology). For each two ranks thereafter (therefore, at Rank 3, Rank 5, and so on), choose another subskill. Each subskill can be used at the full rank in Knowledge & Science. So at rank 7, a character might have Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, each at rank 7. These do not have to be related directly - your knowledge is assumed to be picked up in the course of a thorough scientific education.


These are intended to give a little more balance to the costs of Super-Intelligence type skills, broadening the applicability gained with a given PP investment.

I'm still having trouble accessing the files from my old laptop. I've moved them over, but some seem to be missing, so I'm going to have to get into them again. joncanuck, where did you get that nifty little IDE-USB cable? I think I could use one after all.

My aiming point at the moment (assuming I can find my files!), is the mid-March weekend as a possible beginning date for the pre-game stuff. Meeting to discuss characters, introduce ourselves to one another (our characters, I mean), maybe try out some of the mechanics and stuff. With a bit of luck, a weeknight before that will allow us a short pre-game game, for those who've not played RPGs before (particularly theletterem) to have a shot at how to do so in a small-game format.

After that, we should be able to have our first game game within a week. So that'd be 3/15 for the pre-game meeting, 3/22 for the first game (or thereabouts, based on getting enough folk out to a given date). The pre-game for the rookies would be in the weeknights around the 15th.

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Monday, January 21st, 2008
2:06 am
A few things about the universe
1) One of the members of the Liberty League (or whatever you all decide to call it), from the founding, will be the mysterious Marvella, a telepath able to regularly link the entire League during any mission, anywhere in the world. As a GM-helping plot device, this may occasionally fail just when it's most important. Marvella's a most useful girl, but she's not the most durable creature in the world, and occasionally her mindstorms make it impossible for her to serve her role with the team. Mostly, this is because I don't want to have to muck about with making people leave the room and stuff, except where it's important. Because she's a well-behaved telepath, she won't delve into secrets held by the team's members. Handy, n'est-ce-pas?

2) I will be using rules to monitor two stats not listed in the main books: Fame, and Reputation. You don't have to memorize this stuff; just have an idea how it works, so you don't inadvertently hurt your cause. Fame Checks will be used to determine whether you are recognized by onlookers and opponents; Reputation Checks (if you are recognized) will influence how others see you and react to you. Each will influence the other (being famous will increase the likelihood of your Rep changing; having a strong reputation for Good or Evil will make you more famous).

Fame ChecksCollapse )

Reputation PointsCollapse )

If it would be part of your character's design to be famous, please let me know, and I'll adjust your starting levels accordingly. This might be a benefit, or it might be a drawback.

3) Power Points (which improve your character's powers and abilities) will be handed out for reaching scenario goals, such as defeating a particular villain, or managing a particular situation in an especially impressive way, or discovering some deep secret, or just, y'know, entertaining me with your roleplay or something. Hero Points (which can alter crucial situations) will be given out for good roleplaying, big setbacks, or other appropriate situations.

4) If we find at some point that our Power Levels are getting too high - the game increases by a Power Level for each 15 PP gained by the heroes - there'll be some sort of giant reset button - this time, thinking House of M isn't a bad way to think about it at all. :)

Today's progress: Character sheet prepared for the first super-villain (no names yet - let it be a surprise!), and templates and powers designed for all others for first trio of adventures. Golden Age Master Index Spreadsheet prepared, listing all villains, heroes, NPCs and maps to be created. Fame and Reputation Check mechanics designed. First trio of adventures outlined, third completed, first 50% complete. Investigated sourcing for supers minis.

I'd call that a yay? Yah.

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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
6:38 pm
Just keeping you up to date: I'm working my way through the creation of the various enemies and NPCs for the adventures I've prepared; also waiting for a particular book to arrive at J&J's for me to buy, Golden Age, which has information specific to running games in the 30s-40s. Heard today that the book is in, so I can get it on Friday, when I get paid. Hurray!

As you've already seen, I've posted Paladin, Lichen, Ratboy, and Gumshoe; I've already created Lady Avalon and Fraternité, for use by quingawaga and psychedelicbike respectively, but haven't posted them yet. I have approximately 14 more NPCs/villains to create, for various purposes, and a few maps to gather up (southern England, the British Museum, London generally, and Freedom City in 1940). In fact, of those maps, I have wargame maps that would suit for southern England of the era, so I've really only London and Freedom City to get - and I believe there's a map of FC in Golden Age that's suitable for use in 1940, while I've got a map of London c.1910 that might reasonably serve for our 1940 one.

I'll be setting two initial sessions: one small one with a side adventure to introduce theletterem to table-top RPG, and one larger one with three sub-adventures for a larger group. I anticipate the other one will take two sessions for any given player (a total of four sessions - the group breaks into three after the first, and each sub-group will take another session to finish the first adventure).

We'll set the date/time of the first session for each group (and we could easily have more - I've got a page of five-word adventure hooks to flesh out any time I feel like) sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'll be running the game somewhat like the comic books of the era in which we're playing. That's part of why I wanted to start Golden Age: the powers are smaller, generally (Superman can leap tall buildings, not reverse the spin of Earth by flying, for instance), and the comics tend to be one-shot plots - introduced and resolved in the same ish, which I would like to replicate by our doing something similar with each session.

As we move into later ages of the campaign (50s Dead Time, 60s-70s Optimistic Four-Colour, 80s-IronAge/grim & gritty, 90s-21C - Realistic Four-Colour*), the adventures will get longer, moving into multiple-session adventures, longer story arcs, and so on. We may skip some of those, if we don't feel like doing them, btw. I'm perfectly content, if we want to, with jumping ahead into the 90s-21C for some folks, while back-filling some of the world history with the other group, and maybe even some flashback/alternate future games into the earlier/skipped ages for folks as go one way or t'other.

* These are my own age breakdowns, combining some (like M&M's Silver Age - 60s campy silliness - and Bronze Age - 70s concern for social issues) into one. I oppose 60s/70s Optimistic and 90s-21C Realistic with one another, knowing they're not really as clear-cut as that. Realistic in this case means "as opposed to the 60s/70s power-inflation years"; think the re-shaping of Batman into the Dark Knight, and the Big Reset when Supe's powers went back to the merely superhuman, rather than the godlike.

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Monday, May 21st, 2007
9:22 pm
From the misty depths of time, a meek, moderately-successful grad student/researcher discovers an amulet, hidden inside the spine of a musty old book. Putting the amulet on, he realises there are words inscribed on it. Comfortable with ancient languages in their written forms, he speaks them, clearly, while the amulet lies in his hand...

Of a sudden, he...shifts. Ghostly armour appears, hovering around him, then swiftly assembles itself on his body. A sword lies buckled to his belt, the scabbard's tip near to touching the ground.

Shaken, he leans against a sturdy bookshelf - and pushes it over, easily. With a tremendous crash, a number of bookshelves fall like dominoes, rare tomes tumbling every which way.

In his head, a battle rages, between himself and the ancient spirit risen to ride along with him in his body: the Paladin.

From the misty depths of time...Collapse )

7+2+0+11+9+130=149, PL 10.

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Sunday, May 13th, 2007
11:52 pm
First game
So - I think I've given you an idea of the kind of heroes we're looking for for the first sessions. I've particularly highlighted some of the Brits and French so that anyone who can't get a character concept together until they've played a bit can have something to play with. Almost any of the Special Squad can be adopted for these first sessions (and I mean any - it's the comics, no one has to be really dead unless we want 'em to be).

So you've got your pick of Iron Duke, Captain Fantastic, Black Hand, Red Knight, White Knight, Lady Avalon, Unknown Soldier, Liberté, Égalité, and Fraternité, as well as any hero you may yourself have an idea for. You'd be welcome to any of them - each are my own creation, and they're made purposely to be available if they're wanted.

Rat Boy - this'll mean a slight change for you, if you want to use Rat Boy for this part (not required): we'd swap Computer Use or whatever it is for Craft (Electronics) or something appropriate to the time and tech.

I've got the first adventure pretty much written (some villains to flesh out, a couple of maps to work up roughly on large paper), so it's on to planning.

My own schedule this spring/summer is that I am busy Sunday evenings, usually from about 4 on, except on long weekends (when it shifts to Monday). Also busy on Wednesday evenings, probably, as I'm sure my team will be running practices.

Other than that, I'm largely free. I'll be trying not to schedule games when TicklyGirl is here.

For the first adventure, we need a group of five-eight heroes; this could be run across three sessions, with a third of the players at each one, or run in one session if people want to be able to observe one another's games.

So...I'm ready. You? :)
12:04 pm
Nazis Invade France & The Low Countries
May 16, 1940 BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) - The German guns can be heard clearly from the city centre in Brussels, the water in the fabled fountains rippling in time to the crash of impact some 5 miles to the east. French and British forces fighting alongside the brave but outnumbered Belgians are falling back in some disarray before the Nazi Panzers. Some excitement arose today when a special military lorry brought several people in civilian clothes to the headquarters, escorted by military police; a source inside HQ later informed us that these were several new Mystery Men. Further details as to who they are, what powers they may have, and indeed of what nationality, were not as yet available.


May 18, 1940 GHENT, Belgium (AP) - Once more, the extraordinary talents of Allied Mystery Men - a reconstituted Special Squad - have been thrown into the line against the rampaging Nazi war machines. An SS Panzer regiment found this out to their short-lived but immense regret when three young people - two gentlemen, one lady - stood forth with two older gentlemen. A battalion of French colonial infantry had been torn apart after being caught on the march by a squadron of the terrifying Stuka dive-bombers, and the Mystery Men had been ordered to take up a position to hold back the Germans until a fresh unit could be brought into the line. Several members of the Press were privileged to be allowed to volunteer to observe their fight.

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June 2, 1940 DUNKERQUE, France (AP) - The amazing evacuation of the trapped British and French forces from the port of Dunkerque, across the Channel from Dover, continued today. Literally hundreds of thousands have been rescued in an astonishing display of patriotism by thousands of British boat-owners and crew.

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2:37 am
Nazi Mystery Men Assail Poland & Norway
Sept 13, 1939 WARSAW, Poland (AP) - German forces moved into the outskirts of Warsaw this morning, pushing defenders back on all fronts and threatening the collapse of Polish resistance. Unconfirmed reports indicate that once more, Nazi Mystery Men seem to have been involved in the fighting.

Read more...Collapse )


April 21, 1940 TRONDHEIM, Norway (BP) - It seemed, initially, to be a most ordinary disembarkation, the sort of thing which might happen anytime, anywhere. In this instance, the time was early on the 14th of April, and the place Trondheim, a port on the northwest coast of Norway. Several thousand French and British troops were being landed to help the beleaguered Norwegians to fight off the Nazi invaders.

Read more...Collapse )


May 3, 1940 KLAVANGER, Norway (BP) It is with great regret that we must report that all five of those remarkably brave individuals who disembarked at Trondheim on the 14th with such optimism, are now listed either as confirmed dead, or among the missing and presumed dead. It is but small consolation to know that Kaporal Mörd, Hauptmann Hell and the man-wolf Grendel were each seen to fall during the same battle, and will never more trouble the free peoples of the world.

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